Practice Areas

  • Commercial Litigation

    Reeves & Brightwell LLP attorneys have decades of experience helping businesses resolve complicated commercial disputes. Whether litigating software service agreements or federal class actions, we strive to optimize the strength of our clients’ positions by taking a thoughtful and pragmatic approach to each step of the case. When early resolution is desirable, we understand the combined value of an aggressive motions practice and a clear line of communication with the other side. For those cases that belong in court, our lawyers are ready to see the matter through to its conclusion from initial pleadings and dispositive motions, to discovery and depositions, to trial and appeal. We provide the experience, intelligence, and perseverance that clients need to effectively navigate business-to-business conflict.

    We have handled a wide variety of commercial cases for our local and national clients, including:

    • Software and Service Contracts Disputes
    • Consumer Class Actions
    • Defending and Asserting Breach of Contract and Tort Claims
    • Software Licensing Enforcement
    • Trade Secret Disputes
    • Construction and Real Estate Disputes
  • Products Liability

    Reeves & Brightwell LLP attorneys have defended products-liability lawsuits in Texas and across the country. In addition, we have experience managing a national products-liability docket for a major computer manufacturer. This experience gives us an appreciation of the importance of efficiency and a big-picture understanding of the issues implicated by such a docket.
  • Appeals

    Our appellate team, which includes a board-certified civil appellate specialist and former law clerks from the U.S. courts of appeals and the Texas Supreme Court, has successfully litigated appeals before the Texas courts of appeals, federal appellate courts, and appellate courts of other states. We have experience representing clients with direct appeals, interlocutory appeals, and petitions for mandamus, as well as in providing trial support. Our appellate approach combines deep research, creative legal analysis, and forceful advocacy to protect our clients’ interests.